MasterClass ft Master Saleem & HMC - Ajj Nachna (Out Now)

MasterClass ft Master Saleem & HMC – Ajj Nachna (Out Now)

Published On May 11, 2017 | Latest Releases

MovieBox proudly presents The MasterClass debut single ‘Ajj Nachna’ which was released on Thursday 11th May 2017.

Ajj Nachna created and produced by The Masterclass duo Juggy Rihal and Simon Nakra who have been involved in the Punjabi music scene for a considerable number of years. Simon and Juggy known for their individual talent within the Music Industry have produced, featured and performed for major artists across the globe – Sukshinder Shinda, The Nooran Sisters, Shazia Manzoor, Nachhatar Gill and Lehmber Hussainpuri just to name a few.

The MasterClass, originating from the Midlands (the heart of Bhangra music) has been established for over 10 years providing entertainment services throughout the UK and the rest of the world. The term ‘In a Class of Our Own’ derived from the constant positive feedback they received from their clients; because of their exceptional service of keeping their audiences for all occasions entertained. Juggy and Simon have been lifelong friends and have worked together since the age of 11. They both started their musical journey in the band Anamika, performing across the UK at various type of events.

Juggy performed the Tabla and Simon the Keyboards. They both went onto explore and fulfil further opportunities to enhance their knowledge and skills to become accomplished musicians. A usual evening at the MasterClass Studio, Simon and Juggy were working on a number of ideas by combining Asian percussion with drum beats and melodic riffs. Once, they had created the vibe they were striving for, the foundations for Ajj Nachna were born. Seeking the help of the legendary Baldev Mastana to write the lyrics, the MasterClass duo completed the rest of the elements which only left who they wanted to feature on song. Ajj Nachna features the amazing performances of Master Saleem and rapper HMC. Uplifting beats of a Bhangra and Western influence combined with stunning vocals and striking melodies gives this song a vibe that will make people want to hit the dance floor.

Very fitting considering the name of the song!

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